Social Media Internship

Unpaid: Referral commision per membership ($50)

Online Remote


Company: Eco-Apperformance LLC


Instagram: Ecoapp20

Founder/CEO: Victor Trujillo

Internship Contact:

Intern Goals:

  1. Personal & Business accountability
  2. Increase Average Likes per post
  3. More Followers


Job Description: 


All logged/clocked work time will be via calls & video chats. Preferably social media communication via Zoom, Instagram, & Facebook. 


This Social Media Internship focuses on management, strategy, & development.

  • Management: Time Management of scheduling calendar in order to clock/log work hours.
  • Strategy: Accountability tactics of social media marketing campaigns. 
  • Development: Build up portfolio implementation of projects & communication. 


Unpaid internship although interns have earning potential via referral commission of membership service as a salesperson. The membership is on website and is currently $50, a percentage of that will be earned upon proceeding requirements all three in any order;; 


  1. Acquire Membership
  2. Follow @ecoapp20 Instagram page
  3. Post & tag as business partner


-Schedule/ Calendar

For more info visit the corresponding business website.

Founder/CEO @ LLC: Victor Trujillo